Must – Do Writing

First watch Intro Video by Mrs. Spittler in the email!


March 30-April 1::: BRAINSTORM

April 2 ::: PLANNING (I wrote 1 sentence for each first, then, next, last)


—Now you get to write your paragraphs! Please have one page EACH for First, Then, Next, Last.—

April 7-8: DRAFT (“First”)

April 9-13::: DRAFT (“Then”)

April 14-15::: DRAFT (“Next”)

April 16-17::: DRAFT (“Last”)

April 20-21::: REFLECTION

April 22-23:::: REVISING

April 24-27::: EDITING

  • Video
  • Get a parent or a sibling to look at your writing!

April 28-May 1::: PUBLISHING (6 total pages: intro, first, then, next, last, reflection)