A Real Writer!

Peter’s grandparents are real authors, so we invited them to come speak to us about the writing process! His grandparents are Richard and Linda Eyre, and they write many parenting books, and were even on Oprah!


We learned about editors, publishers, how it feels to get rejected, how long it takes to write, and how many drafts they write too! The kids had such thoughtful questions!

Westward Expansion

We have had so much fun learning about Westward Expansion!

Each of the 2nd grade teachers took a portion of the unit, and we swapped classes to learn all the parts. Miss Haga taught about the Native Americans, Mrs. Edwards taught about the pioneers/Oregon Trail, and we learned about modes of transportation like the Pony Express and the Iron Horse.

Here are a few pictures of the kids acting out the Pony Express in relay race style!

Pumpkin Drop

On Halloween, we did some pumpkin math and some pumpkin science!

For math, we made predictions about whether a pumpkin can float in water, then we carved and counted  the seeds! We tried to see what math strategies we could use to count the seeds so that we weren’t counting by ones.

Then Mr. Fuller dropped pumpkins off the roof because we’ve been learning about gravity! We learned that when 2 similar objects of varying masses are dropped, they will drop at the same rate!

Scientific Method

We have loved our new science unit: the scientific method! We’ve been learning about states of matter, so we made a gas by mixing water and Alka-Selzters! If your child is asking for Alka-Seltzer’s, that’s why!